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/usr/ports/x11/gnome2 && make fetch-recursive = WHOOPS!

In a somewhat related, but not Gnome specific, situation - I tried to do a
portsdb -uU last night and the /usr/ports/Tools/make_index Perl script ATE
all/most of my 1GB of RAM, and then crashed and wiped out the
/usr/ports/INDEX file. I have NEVER seen this before (and no - Perl has not
been updated).

On  4 Apr, Mike Harding wrote:
> netcom1# cd /usr/ports/x11/gnome2
> netcom1# ls
> Makefile        pkg-descr       pkg-install     pkg-plist
> netcom1# make fetch-recursive
> ===> Fetching all distfiles for gnome2-2.2.1 and dependencies
> ... this is running me out of swap... there must be a fork bomb
> somewhere in there.
> Swap: 1024M Total, 614M Used, 410M Free, 59% Inuse, 16K In, 1816K Out