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another galeon2 spinner problem

On Tue, 2003-04-01 at 14:47, Glenn Johnson wrote:
> I just set up a system at work that had a fresh hard drive.  I installed
> FreeBSD-5.0 RELEASE and then immediately updated to -current.  It is
> current as of today.  I installed Gnome2 fresh.  This was done about 2
> weeks ago.  I have kept the ports up to date via cvsup/portupgrade.  The
> galeon2 program does not show the spinner; it never has on this system.
> I had this problem on my home system.  In that case the spinner
> disappeared after an update of bonobo.  Subsequent updates fixed this
> and my system at home has the spinner in galeon2.  The system at home
> was not a fresh install of Gnome-2.2 as it had gone through Gnome-2.1
> first, via marcuscom.  What might be missing on this freshly installed
> system?

The galeon2-1.3.3 update from
http://www.marcuscom.com/downloads/freeze/.  Note, you'll also need the
mozilla diffs.


> Thanks.
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