• installing openoffice, Fredrick Nilsson
  • update gdeskcal, Martin Klaffenboeck
  • update balsa2 to 2.0.10, Martin Klaffenboeck
  • port devel/soup broken, Graham Guttocks
  • gPortupgrade, a new project with GTK2/Gnome2, Fredrick Nilsson
  • GNOME errors with 4.8, Murray Stokely
  • [patch] x11-fonts/Xft doesn't make include/X11/Xft before installing, Edwin Groothuis
  • heads up..., Mikel King
  • grammar typo in pango/pkg-descr, David Magda
  • cvs commit: ports/deskutils/gdeskcal Makefile distinfo, Martin Klaffenboeck
  • update gdeskcal to 0.34, Martin Klaffenboeck
  • galeon2 and flash?, Martin Klaffenboeck
  • Problem with Swedish Keyboard after XFree86 and Gnome upgrade, Magnus J
  • gtk2.0 can't compile, tscheng_(_at_)_ic_(_dot_)_sunysb_(_dot_)_edu
  • ports/50482: gnome-session will not start on 4.8-RC, X 4.3,, Joe Marcus Clarke
  • Mozilla with Xft crashes a lot: FIX, Alexander N. Kabaev
  • Current problem reports assigned to you, FreeBSD bugmaster
  • fontconfig patch, Joe Marcus Clarke
  • xchat2 can't detect gtk2, MiG

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