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GEOM will panic 6.0-current on userland wrong-length disk reads

Do you have rev. 1.63 of sys/geom/geom_io.c  ?

In message <200410140521_(_dot_)_i9E5L06d001096_(_at_)_mrynet_(_dot_)_com>, User Staylor writes:
>Just discovered (and verified with latest build on 
>current.freebsd.org) that the following will panic
>the new GEOM fdc driver in 6.0-current:
># dd if=/dev/fd0 bs=55 
>panic: wrong length 55 for sectorsize 512
>And further checking, discovered that ALL disk devices will cause
>a panic:
>dd if=/dev/ad0 bs=1234
>panic: wrong length 1234 for sectorsize 512
>Perhaps this is geom's way of complaining?  Seems a rather radical
>way to handle non-matching-blocksize reads of disk devices.  A
>simple programming error reading a disk dev node will panic the
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