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fdisk/geom, AoE 5.2.1

> Sam wrote this message on Wed, Oct 06, 2004 at 23:34 -0500:
>> I've got the AoE driver ported and running on
>> 5.2.1.  Much faster than I anticipated; the geom
>> interface is delightful.
>> I can read and write to the disk.  I cannot,
>> however, partition it and I'm soliciting the
>> list for ideas as to why.
>> If I fdisk -u an AoE device, fdisk claims all
>> was successful, but in reality nothing gets written.
>> Further calls to fdisk support this.
>> I'm probably not tickling something right.  Is it
>> possible I need to grease the path for the disk
>> partition table in geom?  I didn't see anything of
>> the like.  Maybe it's a tasting issue?
> On last close (from fdisk hopefully), the provider will be passed
> back for tasting since the meta data could possibly have changed..
> Have you verified that the writes are hitting the disk? and that the
> fdisk table can be seen from another machine?  Verified that you can
> read what you write to the disk?

Arg.  My goof.  I wrote zeros, read zeros and assumed i could
write to the disk.  In fact I could - even when I wanted to
read.  I won't go into the details, but suffice it to say you
can't do:

if (bp->bio_flags & BIO_READ)
 	// do read
 	// do write

and expect the correct behaviour. :)

Thanks -


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