• gbde with lesser than 4 keys and different start sectors, Stephan Fiebrandt
  • SCSI disk getting disconnected on boot, Chris Elsworth
  • switching gmirror on upon boot, Willem Jan Withagen
  • fdisk/geom, AoE 5.2.1, John-Mark Gurney
  • GEOM will panic 6.0-current on userland wrong-length disk reads, User Staylor
  • geom mirror -- bad read performance with BETA7 [long], fandino
  • GBDE, problems using gbde_swap, Ondra Holecek
  • Geom / mount / AoE disk failure (fwd), Sam
  • geom_vinum problems, Mark Frasa
  • can't change the size of the swap, Андрей

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