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Re: Booting from ZFS raidz

Ollivier Robert writes:
 > According to George Hartzell:
 > > Which jsut means that you need a populated boot directory at the top
 > > of the tank (e.g. /data/boot).  If you're using the
 > > create-zfsboot-gpt.sh file that was posted here recently, you'll need
 > > to rework it a bit, since it puts the root dir at /data/ROOT/data.
 > OK, following this, I managed the boot code to find loader & loader.conf.
 > It stops when it can't find the root I want it to boot from though.
 > The ? prompt shows me all devices (da{0,1,2}, da{0,1,2}p{1,2} and
 > label/swap) but trying to use zfs:whatever does not seem to work.
 > loader.conf is very small:
 > -----
 > zfs_load="YES"
 > geom_label_load="YES"
 > vfs.root.mountfrom="zfs:tank/ROOT/tank"
 > -----
 > I did
 > zfs set mountpoint=/tank/ROOT/tank tank/ROOT/tank (aka the real root)
 > the other fs are in their usual place
 > zfs set  mountpoint=/usr tank/usr
 > zfs set  mountpoint=/var tank/var
 > Any other ideas.  I'll try to summarize here and on the wiki when I'm done.

Did you build the loader with LOADER_ZFS_SUPPORT=YES enabled?

I just threw that line in my /etc/make.conf and rebuilt everything.

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