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Re: kern/97208: [firewire] System hangs / locks up when a firewire disk is attached

>  > Also, there do appear to be some kind of "updates" for this Maxtor
>  > series drive.
>  > 
>  > Have you updated it with the s/w on the Maxtor website?
>  The drive in question is a Maxtor OneTouch II, 300GB drive with both
>  usb and firewire ports on it.
>  I have checked Maxtor.com for the updates you mention, but the only
>  thing I could find were:
>  - os specific drivers for Windows, OS X
>  - updates to included backup software (again Windows and / or OS X
>  specific)
>  If therer are firmware updates for this drive, could you plase point me
>  to it?

I assume that "OneTouch II" is that name of a product including the
external box and USB/FW bridge.  You need the model of the actual
SATA or PATA drive inside.  You can get that using "atacontrol cap $disk_name"
for a disk connected directly to a SATA or PATA controller.  I haven't
been able to get this info for a disk connected through a USB bridge,
and firewire may have the same problem.  You might have to open the box
up and look at the label on the drive.  You'll need the serial number as well.

Somewhere under www.seagate.com there is a page that will supposedly
tell you if your particular drive was run through the broken test
machine or not.  Seagate's web site is broken and doesn't work for me,
perhaps you will have better luck.

There are reports of false negatives if you use lower case, so
be sure to match the case when entering model number and serial number.
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