• vmware2 patch for -CURRENT, Andrew Gallatin
  • Kudos to Linux emulation authors/maintainers, Conrad Sabatier
  • Current problem reports assigned to you, FreeBSD bugmaster
  • How to make VMware3 on 4.9 see the /dev/acd0?, Naoyuki Tai
  • VMWare 3 + usb, Sergey Poziturin
  • No subject, ryutaroh_(_at_)_tsden_(_dot_)_org
  • vmware3 port freezes 5.2.1-p6, Lutz Bichler
  • Page fault traps in the linuxulator, Peter S. Housel
  • Please Check for Mistakes, John Duncan
  • Device name convert for linux use, Sharp Gao

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