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Spanish Support Forums

Thank you all for your replies!  Erik, I agree with you that traditional
mailing lists do have a big advantage.  I'll try to contact the admin of the
Spanish mailing list, as you mentioned.  But I think you'd probably agree
that some people prefer a web gui, especially if they only want occasional
support.  And actually, my preferred forum software, SMF, provides a way of
posting via email, and users can opt-in for email notification of new
replies.  So it's really a pretty handy support method.

Do you think there's any chance of getting the webmaster to just add a link
to my forum on the page http://www.freebsd.es/es/support.html  under web
resources?  I understand of course that FreeBSD will not give any other
official support, as it is a 3rd party site, but as I said, I would like
Spanish users to at least know that a spanish forum option exists, if I go
through with this.

By the way, this mailing list seemed to me to be the most relevant, since it
relates to documentation.  But if there's a more appropriate english list or
contact, please let me know.

Thanks for your help!
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