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Re: Q: Is there any use for Oracle database port installation under Linux compat root ?


On Thu, Oct 23, 2008 at 10:13 AM, martinko <gamato_(_at_)_users_(_dot_)_sf_(_dot_)_net> wrote:
>>  One more question: how usefull would it be to use the Linux (Bash)
>> shell instead of a native (FreeBSD) shell ?
> I'm not sure.  I think using our (native) bash would be OK.  On the
> other hand if linux bash is usually installed with linux_base or other
> common linux port we could use it.  Or maybe we could use linux
> version if available and fall back to native version otherwise, if it
> is doable of course.  I would recommend asking someone who ported a
> few linux apps dependent on bash.

 Actually I was hoping for some feedback from people effectively using
Oracle[XE] on FreeBSD. Anyone ?

>> Thank you for your suggestions, I'm closer to the completion of the port.
>> Adrian.
> Thank you for doing this!
> And btw what about standard Oracle RDBMS port ?

  The full blown Oracle RDBMS server has a standalone Java installer
(the Oracle Universal Installer) and the Oracle DBA's are accustomed
deploying it this way.
  On the other hand the Oracle installation tutorial in the FreeBSD
ports could use some "freshening up" for newer versions. I will look
into installing Oracle RDBMS after finishing up the OracleXE port(s).

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