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Re: Need help diagnosing Local OS authentication issue when running OracleXE Linux

On Thu, Oct 23, 2008 at 01:38:34AM +0200, Adrian Penisoara wrote:
> Hi,
>   I am working on a FreeBSD port for the OracleXE for Linux package
> and I stumbled upon a collateral issue when testing the functionality
> of OracleXE: I am unable to manually shutdown the TNS Listener
> (running "lsnrctl stop"), since the listener's "Local OS
> authentication" appears to malfunction.
>   This feature prevents any other OS user but the user who initially
> started the listener to execute administrative tasks on the listener,
> including shutting down the listener. The listener process is a
> background service and accepts commands through the standard 1521 TCP
> port from the administration tool. I guess there is a problem when
> "emulating" the Linux kernel/library calls related to OS credentials
> for network sockets (?).


yes, this problem well-known to us :) please, see kern/102956 for
full description. I think that this PR will be closed soon.

>   Does anyone else have clues on this ?
>   What would be the best way to proceed analyzing the issue -- e.g.
> how should I trace the execution for the running listener process (and
> eventually compare to a trace ran on a real Linux machine) ?

Have fun!
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