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Re: I have question about Freebsd-database

Fabio Miranda Hamburger wrote:
 > Looks like a great option but it you analize closer, it doesnt provide a 
 > native Oracle version.

That's right, but Oracle is not the only option if you
need a good database.  For example, PostgreSQL (in its
latest version) is quite a good competition.  (And don't
start talking about support: There are a lot of companies
offering support for PostgreSQL and other free databases.)

 > You cann't hire support contract for FreeBSD,

Well, I don't know if _you_ can ...  ;-)

But there are companies offering support contracts for
FreeBSD.  For example the company I'm working for
(secnetix, see my signature below).  You can hire me.  ;-)

 > it doesnt provide any warranty,

No operating system (including commercial products from
Redmond) provide any warranty worth mentioning.  Did you
ever try returning a Windows license and get your money
back because some piece of software didn't run as you
expected it to?

 > so it is not a good option for core banking, 
 > for example.

We have large (and I mean large) customers from the banking
business who use FreeBSD, among other things.  And they do
have support contracts (from us and other companies).

 > I think that Solaris 10 is quite a option nowadays.

Well, Solaris 10 isn't bad, and for certain type of apps
it's certainly an excellent solution.  We don't recommend
FreeBSD for _everything_, in fact (sometimes you have a
massive box like an E10k/E15k a.k.a. StarFire/StarCat,
and you can't run FreeBSD on such a machine).  But FreeBSD
machines and clusters thereof are preferable for quite a
large number of uses.

Best regards

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