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Re: I have question about Freebsd-database

On Thu, 2006-12-21 at 12:55, Fabio Miranda Hamburger wrote:
I am trying to find some information about Freebsd.

is it a database or operating system?
I see lot of documents for operating system, but I don't see any document for
freebsd database.

If there is database named freebsd , please provide more details.

I would appreaciate any help in this regard.



Hello Sing,

FreeBSD is a Unix styled operating system. It also has many database
applications available for installation. FreeBSD is often used to run databases
because it is very fast, arguably the fastest operating system freely
available. Many large web sites and datacenters use FreeBSD as their operating

Looks like a great option but it you analize closer, it doesnt provide a
native Oracle version. You cann't hire support contract for FreeBSD, it
doesnt provide any warranty, so it is not a good option for core banking,
for example.

I think that Solaris 10 is quite a option nowadays.

My .99 cents.

If you search google for "freebsd support"
(without quotes) this is one of the first
links and there are other, so what you
said is not correct.


There are other databases elsewere with support
(paid support) for your favorite OS. Don't forget
that if there is a market, you will find a supplier.

My intent is not offensive. I have used FreeBSD since 3,x but it quite complicate to delopy solutions on non-usa market and , besides, regulated institutions demand a local partner.


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