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Re: (ZFS?): panic: lockmgr: locking against myself

> Could you paste the output of:
> 	db> show vnode 0x<addr>
> Where <addr> is the first argument to vrele() function above.

I was not able to get ddb to include function arguments in backtraces for some 
reason, but I inserted a pointer printout before each of the two calls to 
vrele() in mountcheckdirs().

Based on the last printout prior to panic, it is the second call in the 
function (code line wise; i.e., when locking rootvnode) that is triggering 
the panic, on this vnode:

vnode 0xffffff00037473e0: tag devfs, type VDIR
  usecount 0, writecount 0, refcount 1 mountedhere 0xffffff0003745ca0
  flags (VV_ROOT)
    lock type devfs: EXCL (count 1) by thread 0xffffff00010e6680 (pid 1)

Also, this time I triggered it after having dropped a drive (as opposed to 
when I then booted back up again with two drives).

Am I understanding this correctly that the root filesystem has suddenly become 

/ Peter Schuller

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