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Re: ULE/SCHED_SMP diff for 7.0

>> This patch is scheduled for inclusion in 7.0.  I would like anyone who
>> cares to run it to validate that it does not create any stability or
>> performance regression over the existing ULE.  This patch replaces ULE
>> with SCHED_SMP, which will now no longer exist as a seperate fork of ULE.
> Not very scientific nor precise but using 4bsd as scheduler 'make -j 3
> buildkernel' completed in 11 min. 58 secs. and ule did the same in 13
> min. 26 secs. So ule seems slower. This is on a dual zeon @ 3.2 Ghz
> (the first 64-bit from Intel, not very fast but hot) and 3 GB ram and
> 15 RPM scsi-disk with /usr on zfs.

Ahah!  15 RPM drives, no wonder!  :)

On a serious note, can you do that same test, with '-j 4' or higher?  I
think you can easily do two per processor, at least that's what I do on
a Core 2 Duo.



-j 3 buildkernel: 13:23
-j 4 buildkernel: 12:38
-j 5 buildkernel: 12:41
-j 6 buildkernel: 12:47

-j 3 buildkernel: 11:43
-j 4 buildkernel: 12:02

So sched_ule seems to handle more processes slightly better than 4bsd
albeit it does it slower. ule's sweet spot is -j 4 and 4bsd is -j 3.


When lenity and cruelty play for a kingdom,
the gentlest gamester is the soonest winner.

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