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Re: kqemu crash (page fault) with -current

Harald Schmalzbauer wrote:
Am Freitag, 13. Juli 2007 schrieb Attilio Rao:
Harald Schmalzbauer wrote:

today I tried qemu for the first time and I love it.
Now I'd need some speed and tried kqemu, but it immediately reboots my
Here is what I could transcribe:
Could you please try this patch and see if it helps?:

I applied it, rebuilt my kernel and kqemu, but machine crashes immedately after running qemu (without disabled kqemu).
Should I also rebuild qemu itself? I don't think it's needed.
But CFLAGS+= -DKSE helped!
I could install various OS, only when I enable -kernel-kqemu most installer quit with page fault.

Hello Harry,
could you please download again the patch and try again?
It seems I missed a bit...

And, please, compile again qemu any time beacause I'm not sure how much are exposed to userland "struct thread" and "struct proc", for this problem.

You should firstly try the canonical case of kernel clean compilation (so with KSE) and kqemu clean compilation (so without KSE, without the -DKSE option).

Let me know,


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