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Re: Closing some old bug reports.

On Tue, Jul 10, 2007 at 04:24:01PM -0500, Mark Linimon wrote:
> So what I'm saying is that I hope I didn't just close some PRs for
> legitimate problems just because you're frustrated with the pace of
> progress :-/

2002/05/27	gnu/38594         Fortran no longer supported.
2005/06/25	standards/82654   C99 long double math functions.  Few uses 'em.
2006/01/20	bin/92074         Patch in audit trail never applied(?)
2006/02/02	kern/92742        No longer relevant (to me)
2006/10/26	standards/104841  Long double sqrt not important to most users
2007/05/04	bin/112408        Don Quixote and windmills.
2007/05/25	ports/112999      Found a workaround
2007/05/30	standards/113147  Fix

You closed 112408 that may have potential security implications
for all users on the system including root.  Having broken
signal handling in the default shell seems dangerous to me.
No, I haven't tried to build an exploit.  I've asked more than
once to back out the recent import of tcsh 6.15.0.  It's
clear from the inertia that this is going to happen.

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