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Re: Wireless NICs not obeying 'SSID' setting.

For sure, a mandatory option would be wonderful to be added to the wlan
driver. I just find it surprising that after being 'down' for 1-2 seconds,
it reassigns to another AP.

One of the big 'pains in the butt' is that if I was using that card to NAT
off of, I could easily be breaking the law in some US states.

On 7/9/07, Sam Leffler <sam_(_at_)_errno_(_dot_)_com> wrote:

Kevin Gerry wrote:
> Well, this is all it gave when it switched:
> --
> messages.0:Jul  9 17:21:22 storage kernel: ral0: sta_roam_check: currssi
> 23 currate 108 roamrssi 14 roamrate 10
> messages.0:Jul  9 17:21:37 storage kernel: ral0: link state changed to
> messages.0:Jul  9 17:21:39 storage kernel: ral0: link state changed to
> messages.0:Jul  9 17:21:54 storage kernel: ral0: sta_roam_check: currssi
> 45 currate 108 roamrssi 14 roamrate 10

Looks like you moved to another ap not because of roaming but because
you were dropped from your original ap.  This can happen for various
reasons but the fact that you did not go back to it means the station
could not communicate w/ the ap so it chose another one.  There are
other wlandebug knobs you can turn on to see exactly what happened (e.g.
state+scan).  You can also look at wlanstats output and identify what
happened (probably).

I changed the behaviour of setting the ssid from being mandatory to
"desired" for various reasons but it's likely I'll have to add back a
way to make it mandatory.  But then you'll likely find yourself taking a
long time to re-connect to your ap if the ral card isn't being reset
properly or otherwise getting into a bad state (ral has known issues).
A well-behaved card+driver should  locate the ap you want during the
re-scan and/or it should roam quickly if it misses the ap but then picks
it up on a bg scan.


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