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geom_fox vs gmultipath

I was just reading the (pre-) release notes for 7.0 at 
http://people.freebsd.org/~bmah/relnotes/CURRENT/relnotes.html and learned 
about mjacob's gmultipath(8) implementation, which seems very similar to 
phk's older geom_fox(4) but perhaps a bit more polished.

First off, is that a correct assessment? I haven't used either, but 
externally gmultipath is distinguished by having its own control utility 
(rather than relying on geom(8)), a manpage (and perhaps other features) 
more consistent with other geom utilities, and support for predictable 
volume names under /dev/multipath/.

Assuming I'm basically on target so far, does geom_fox have any features 
that are not in gmultipath? If not, should it be considered deprecated? (or 
should gmultipath be considered experimental since it's newer?)

I'm just curious, esp. since I may have a need for one of the two in the 
near future.


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