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Re: Everything (but /boot) on ZFS - trouble

In the last episode (Jul 04), Thomas Backman said:
>  The FreeBSD wiki entry (http://wiki.freebsd.org/ZFSOnRoot) is either 
>  outdated or incomplete; or it's just that I have no clue...
>  In either case, the guide tells me to create a "boot" symlink on the new 
>  partition, but I already have such a file (/boot/boot, not a link):
>  [root_(_at_)_devil ~]# file /boot/boot
>  /boot/boot: x86 boot sector; partition 4: ID=0xa5, active, starthead 0, 
>  startsector 0, 50000 sectors, code offset 0x3c, reserved sectors 0, Media 
>  descriptor 0x0, reserved 0x16, dos < 4.0 BootSector (0x1f)
>  What to do? I have no idea if this file is needed or not, and how to
>  proceed. Input is welcome. BTW, I'm new to FreeBSD-CURRENT, and also
>  quite inexperienced with mailing lists, so be gentle. :)

You should use option two described on that page: 

 zfsroot mounted on /, with a boot->bootvol/boot symlink
 ufs filesystem on /bootvol with boot files in a "boot" subdirectory

I sent an email to Pawel last week talking about this problem, but it
doesn't look like he's changed the wiki page yet.

	Dan Nelson
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