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Re: why is it called /boot/beastie.4th ?

On Sun, Feb 03, 2008 at 01:50:14PM +0200, Giorgos Keramidas wrote:
> On 2008-02-03 07:33, Frank Shute <frank_(_at_)_esperance-linux_(_dot_)_co_(_dot_)_uk> wrote:
> >On Sun, Feb 03, 2008 at 06:13:05AM +0200, Giorgos Keramidas wrote:
> >>On 2008-02-03 01:01, Frank Shute <frank_(_at_)_esperance-linux_(_dot_)_co_(_dot_)_uk> wrote:
> >>>On Sun, Feb 03, 2008 at 01:28:48AM +0100, Dag-Erling Smrgrav wrote:
> >>>>Frank Shute <frank_(_at_)_esperance-linux_(_dot_)_co_(_dot_)_uk> writes:
> >>>>> Should be done by default IMO. Used to be until the religious maniacs
> >>>>> started going on about devil worship and other such nonsense.
> >>>>
> >>>> No, it was removed because it was butt-ugly.  ASCII art stopped being
> >>>> cool twenty years ago.
> >>>
> >>> And the ascii Freebsd that it was replaced with is beautiful?! And
> >>> cool?!!
> >>>
> >>> I like the ascii beastie and you've got no taste ;)
> >>>
> >>> If it were put to a vote, the beast would win by a country mile amongst
> >>> those users with taste!
> >>
> >> Taste... it's always 'taste' in a way or another.
> >>
> >> Since there *is* an option, which interested people can tweak to their
> >> heart's desire, and the source *IS* *OPEN* for anyone to modify on their
> >> own if the option is not enough, can we drop the ad hominem's and move
> >> on with actually *hacking* FreeBSD to make it better?
> >
> > I thought chat@ was the place to hang out when you'd had enough of
> > "hacking"?
> It is.  I just thought the tone of the last exchanges started being `too
> much' even for chat.  FreeBSD is famous as a project, including both the
> developers *and* the user community, for its civilized attitude and the
> maturity of email exchanges.  We don't really *need* all that personal
> attack stuff :/

I didn't mean it to be a personal attack, it was done firmly with
tongue in cheek. I'm quite happy to blast KDE/Emacs users for a lack
of taste too :)

I don't like making excuses, but I'm suffering from quite severe
depression ATM and with all the drugs I'm taking, I'm lucky if I can
string anything coherent together without appearing nasty.

> > As for taste, it's due to a lack of taste that we're now lumbered with
> > a sex toy as a logo.
> I don't feel particularly well about the new logo either, but that's a
> bit besides the point.
> I am not using FreeBSD because I like its current logo or because I like
> the style of monospaced text in the web pages (I don't, there are
> horrendous CSS bugs in the web site, which I have often complained
> about).

It's the content that bothers me. I wanted to find motherboards
supported by AMD64 on the site the other day and the only way I could
find the page was by googling.

> I am using FreeBSD because I like the way it works, I like the quality
> of its source code base, and most importantly: I like the people ;)

Sure. I have to take this moment to thank you for your particularly
informative answers on questions_(_at_)__(_dot_)_

> > Keep the text as a monument to somebody's stupidity and a project gone
> > awry... and the bloody sex toy.
> I suppose we should be thankful that the `sex toy' doesn't render well
> in ASCII art.  Now that would be fun ...

If it rendered well in ascii, I'd be all for it! But it doesn't render
well in anything unless blown up to a large size which is half it's

I thought it was meant to be used on letterheads and such like but my
600dpi mono laser isn't going to like it and my 19" LCD doesn't like
it much as rendered on the homepage of the website.

Whereas beastie....but I'm going over old ground.



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