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Re: why is it called /boot/beastie.4th ?

i am learning not to top_post, albeit slowly.

[ snip ]

i was reading a book on discrete math (they didn't require that in
madison.. er.. it didn't exist) and i stumbled upon a problem
that perked my ears


i was pretty sure i understood the logic.  i am just sort of skimming
the book a lot of stuff i covered in various courses, just seeing if
there was something basic that might have been important.. then
i realized.. ITS AN ODD PROBLEM!!

so i looked in the back of the book



[ snip ]

on inspection, it seemed ok, but,
  i was feeling just a little bit hinky about it.

when in doubt, draw a truth table.
so, i did.

several times.

i needed both monkey pages to be sure, but i got

  [ p + q ] and [ not_p + r ] implies [ q + r ].

six of the eight cases are fine.
but, in the two cases where

  p = q = not_r ,

  i can't make it work.

can someone point out my error ?

if i am not in error,
  does this mean that superman --is-- evil or malevolent ?

is the spider_lady evil or malevolent ?  or
  is it just her hench_men ?

questions, questions, questions,
  on the minds of concerned young people to_day.

is that the madison that is a stone's_throw from here ?
just wondering.

i recommend highly the two post_war serials,
  particularly if you are a ten_year_old or
  if you can play one at the matinee.

many southern_pacific 4-6-2 locomotives and
  many views of the chatsworth station,
  back when there was fruit in the valley.



see items 27 and 22 on the imdb page.

woodstock, illinois

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