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Re: Party

On Thu, 28 Sep 2006, Josh Paetzel wrote:

> The only viable solution to the problem of spam that I can see (and 
> I'm positive that it would never happen) is an international agency 
> tasked to track down and punish the people responsible for spam.  
> They'd have to have the power to go after these people no matter what 
> country they were hiding in, the resources to make a dent in the 
> problem, and the cooperation of a significant percentage of mail 
> admins on the net.

Steven Seagal is... SPAMCOP.

> Perhaps a slightly more likely scenario would be to make it a crime to 
> run an open relay?  I'd also like to see ISPs take measures to 
> protect the net from trojaned windows machines on high-speed DSL and 
> cable connections....perhaps allowing access only to their 
> mailservers?

Wrongly imprisoned for running a relay he never installed.
Now he's back. And he wants revenge.

> Anyways, enough pipe dreams, I have to get back to reading my logs.

Say EHLO to vengeance!


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