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Backup space exchange

On Mon, 6 Dec 2004, Paul Robinson wrote:

> Do you work for the NSA by any chance? :-P

Hehe.. no, but there is always the quicken/quickbook file and other files 
one would not want to be seen by the outside world. :-)

> In all seriousness, I was going to setup a website to allow this kind of
> thing actually

I think it's an interesting thing to do.

> allow people to pair up for backups and even secondary
> MX and DNS work as well. Never got around to it.

So.. you interested in starting the two of us?
The only problem on doing this on a larger scale or even trying to promot 
it, is that people may tend to be concerned about giving someone access to 
their machine. It is a valid concern too..

I recall there was a project that would allow distributed backups and all 
data would be encrypted. I think the developer got a proof of concept 
done, but don't know if he ever got it to a working stage. Don't recall 
the name of the system unfortunately.