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Video Out to Video In converter

Jon Passki wrote:
> I'm looking for a device that would allow me to connect, for example,
> a standard PC video output (640x480, 256 color) to a device that could
> in turn convert it back into an abstracted signal.  That device would
> be accessed by, again an example, a local program that would resend
> the information out using the X protocol as a client program. The
> purpose is to access systems that have no means of communications
> other than video and keyboard, without needed a monitor or needed to
> be physically near the system.

You need to replace the video card with a "screen scraper" card;
there are a number of these available.

The point is that the video signal, once turned analog, has no
reverse process to get it back; so instead of doing that, you
really want to take the contents of screen memory directly.

As I said, there are a number of vendors who sell EGA/VGA cards
with no monitor output at all, that you can read the video RAM
out of them directly.

-- Terry

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