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kern/73321: Reproducible Panic (LOR: I4B / INET6)

On 2004-10-30 20:23 +0000, "Bjoern A. Zeeb" <bzeeb-lists_(_at_)_lists_(_dot_)_zabbadoz_(_dot_)_net> wrote:
> On Sat, 30 Oct 2004, Stefan Esser wrote:
> > lock order reversal
> >  1st 0xc06d7980 ifnet (ifnet) @ netinet6/nd6.c:1799
> >  2nd 0xc06a9d24 user map (user map) @ vm/vm_map.c:2997
> this had already been seen as LOR 033:
> http://sources.zabbadoz.net/freebsd/lor.html#033
> (caused by page fault)

Yes, I had noticed this only after sending the PR. I had looked for
a known LOR matching my observations in the list, but only after
sending it, I found that 033 describes the LOR, though not the panic.

According to the mail threat linked to by LOR 033, a fix has been
applied to -current and RELENG_5 by mlaier. But that fix did not
prevent the panic I observed. The threat did contain a patch that
_does_ work, though, and I hope that thios patch (even if it is
only a work-around) makes it into 5.3 ...

Regards, STefan