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bluetooth USB dongles

On Mon, 8 Dec 2008, Oliver Fromme wrote:

> First, is there a recommended bluetooth USB dongle that's
> guaranteed to work with FreeBSD (7-stable) and that's
> not too expensive?  I've seen a lot of really cheap and
> small dongles recently at online shops, but I assume not
> all of them work fine, right?

the vast majority of USB dongles will work just fine

if you are buying something, there are different selling points that can
be confusing.

Class 1	- 100m range
Class 2	- 10m range
Class 3 - 1m range

I've never seen a class 3 device, and although I do have a class 1
controller it doesn't seem to make much difference as to signal quality at
close range (I guess its just more powerful radio). Then there is
Bluetooth version, so you might see

v2.0 + EDR
v2.1 + EDR

If you see a v1.x device for sale then don't be tempted. v2.x devices are
vastly better at making and maintaining connections, and the 'Enhanced
Data Rate' gives much faster transfers. I've not seen a v2.1 dongle in the
real world though they may exist (ditto for v2.2 as spec is availabe)

I have seen (recently!) a v1.0b device advertised as "BLUETOOTH CLASS 2"
with the v1.0b in really small writing on the case, I guess that these are
old stock dressed up to sell rather than new manufactures but its good to
be aware :)

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