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On Mon, 28 Mar 2005 09:23:43 -0800, Maksim Yevmenkin  
<maksim_(_dot_)_yevmenkin_(_at_)_savvis_(_dot_)_net> wrote:

> Ronald,
>>>> Is bthidd usable? It isn't connected to the build.
>>> define "usable"? :) you should be able to use it with bluetooth mice,   
>>> but not with bluetooth keyboards. so, imo, its not very usable at the   
>>> moment. bluetooth keyboard support is not there because i do not like   
>>> the fact that i can not have more then one keyboard attached to the   
>>> system. as soon as i find some time i will look into the system  
>>> console  driver to see what it takes to add support for more then one  
>>> keyboard.
>>  Usable... Mmm. I have a SonyEricsson K700i phone and on Windows I can  
>> use  the joystick of the phone as a mouse to control mediaplayer, etc.  
>> I would  like to do the same on FreeBSD, just for the coolness of it.  
>> :-)
> :)
>> Can I just do this?
> i do not know. it depends. if k700i looks like mouse then it most likely  
> will work. if k700i looks like keypad/keyboard then it will not work  
> (for the reason described above - cant have more then one active  
> keyboard/keypad attached to the console).
> there is a bthidcontrol(8) tool in  
> /usr/src/usr.sbin/bluetooth/bthidcontrol. could you please compile it  
> and send me the output of "query" command? there is a bthidcontrol.8 man  
> page in the same directory ("nroff -man bthidcontrol.8 |less" - to read  
> it)
>> cd /usr/src/usr.sbin/bluetooth/bthidd/
>> make && make install && make clean
>>  Or is there more to it?
> you will also need to create /etc/bluetooth/bthidd.conf configuration  
> file. bthidcontrol(8) will help you with that.

Thanks for the info. I'm going to try this soon. But I left my phone at my  
moms house, just one evening before she went on holiday for two weeks. :-(


  Ronald Klop, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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