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Bluetooth mouse

? ??, 17/11/2004 ? 19:47 +0100, Mike Crosland ?????:
> My current setup allows me to use my Logitech di Novo keyboard/mouse on my  
> dual-boot machine. FreeBSD just sees it as being a usb hub. However I did  
> have to do some patching and a kernel rebuild to do it. Also FreeBSD  
> doesn't recognise the bt hub, which means if you want to link to other bt  
> devices you need to have a seperate dongle.
>   What would be decidedly cool was if the usb bt chip AND extra dongle(s)  
> ie multiple devices could be recognised, in much the same way that the  
> system can handle several network cards.

Ok, please advise, 

As I understand BT mouses often shipped with BT USB dongle,
But is it safe to buy mouse with that type ? Is protocol between this
dongle and BT mouse is BTHID - complaint ?

I simple do not want to get mouse that will not work without that

> Mike
> PS Max - congratulations to your enlarging user base - er I mean family
>   :)

Max thank you for excellent BT support !

Vladimir B. Grebenchikov

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