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Bluetooth mouse

? ??, 17/11/2004 ? 09:36 -0800, Maksim Yevmenkin ?????:

> > Good news, is there any estimations or like ?
> no. life with 8 months old son can not be predicted easily :) (come to 
> think about it life in general can not be predicted easily :)

I know, frankly speaking I just want to be sure that there is some
activity in this direction, I, probably, will get any comments trying to
get it works myself. It is a bit challenging to buy unsupported hardware
but interesting anyway.

> > I am going to get such mouse but if it will not be supported for
> > years it has no sense.
> you can always write support yourself :)

Yes, this option is always available with BSD :)

I have another question about vkbd.

Is it really requires userland connector ?
Probably it is not a bad idea to have kernel hook for vkbd also ?

I mean to make syscons ability to use in-kernel mixer of keyboard

So after that one can connect to that mixer some keyboards (usb, at, bt)

Frankly speaking I afraid case when with syscons pointing to vkbd DDB
will be called, and what happens ? 

Another option is to use special binding for DDB keyboard, but I did not
like it.

> max

Vladimir B. Grebenchikov

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