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Bluetooth mouse

Mike Crosland wrote:
> My current setup allows me to use my Logitech di Novo keyboard/mouse on 
> my  dual-boot machine. FreeBSD just sees it as being a usb hub. However 
> I did  have to do some patching and a kernel rebuild to do it. Also 
> FreeBSD  doesn't recognise the bt hub, which means if you want to link 
> to other bt  devices you need to have a seperate dongle.

this is so called 'bluetooth hid proxy' feature of CSR BlueCore chipset. 
basically when you activate 'hid proxy' bluetooth dongle start acting as 
usb hub and pretends that is has usb keyboard and mouse plugged in.

this is just a compatibility hack, so one can use bluetooth 
keyboard/mouse on a systems that do not support bluetooth. note that os 
must have support for usb.

> What would be decidedly cool was if the usb bt chip AND extra 
> dongle(s)  ie multiple devices could be recognised, in much the same way 
> that the  system can handle several network cards.

it is possible to turn 'hid proxy' feature off. in this case you have 
regular bluetooth dongle. if os supports bluetooth hid then use can use 
then same dongle to talk to your keyboard, mount, cell phone etc. there 
is only one limitation  you can have up to 8 active bluetooth connection 
s at a time. keyboard and mouse will use one each, so you still can have 
  up to 6 other bluetooth devices.

> PS Max - congratulations to your enlarging user base - er I mean family
>  :)