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Re: ARM boot process

Andre Oppermann wrote this message on Tue, Sep 05, 2006 at 19:04 +0200:
> What I've got no clue yet is how to build a MFS image that gets fused
> with the kernel so I may skip NFS and boot with only TFTP or even put
> it on flash.

you can use mdconfig to make a file and newfs/mount it, or as Warner
said mkfs... (I've done the former)...  You can all use GEOM_UZIP
to compress the mfs image down a bit more too...

I used:
makeoptions    MFS_IMAGE="/tmp/mfs.ufs.uzip"   # mfs image
options        ROOTDEVNAME=\"ufs:md0.uzip\"    # Root device

In my kernel config to put the image into the kernel, and boot from

/me used it before he had an ethernet driver working.

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