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posix ps (was Re: Adding `pgrep' and `pkill' to /usr/bin)

Albert Cahalan wrote:
> [snip]
> None yet. Do you happen to know the right people
> at any of the UNIX(R) shops?
> Rough idea of direction:
> 1. get some wiki-like thing for editing a document

I'd be happy and willing to set this up. Any preference on the system 
used? I can do this immediately.

> 2. define a fair "extended ps" compromise
> 3. based on that, patch the SUSv3 ps specification
> 4. get Linux, one BSD, one SysV, and one OSF/1 to conform
> 5. get some of the changes into SUSv4 (deadline?)

Is there any way I can help with the above? I'm definitely interested in 
helping make FreeBSD more standards compliant and helping with 
suggestions for standards as well.

Kind regards,

Devon H. O'Dell

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