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Adding `pgrep' and `pkill' to /usr/bin

At 9:56 PM +1100 3/25/04, Bruce Evans wrote:
>On Wed, 24 Mar 2004, Garance A Drosihn wrote:
>>  I noticed the upcoming version of OpenBSD will add the commands
>>  `pkill' and `pgrep', which they picked up from NetBSD.  These
>>  commands also exist in Solaris and Linux.  Anyone mind if I add
>>  them to FreeBSD?  I'd just pick up the versions from NetBSD, and
>>  make whatever changes are needed for them to work on FreeBSD.
>What's wrong with the pkill port?  It has already been picked from
>NetBSD, and whatever changes are needed for it to work on FreeBSD
>have already been made (and pgrep is part of pkill).

Ooo.  Thanks for the pointer.  That'll save me some work.

>If you add this to /usr/bin instead of leaving it in ports, don't
>forget to do the same for doscmd and some other things that are
>only in ports.

Don't look at me about doscmd!  I didn't move it!

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