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Device Driver Problem, Embedded Development

In message: <00c301c3e3eb$944845d0$1d02a8c0_(_at_)_sdlbase>
            "Bob Pickles" <BPICKLES_(_at_)_btconnect_(_dot_)_com> writes:
: I have been trying to find the following functions:
:     pci_mem_find()        Need explanation of parameters. Managed to work out the 
:                                   other pci_ functions...

This isn't a public function.  Don't use it.  In fact, I can't even
find it in the current sources.  I believe it was the old-style way to
map memory.

:     bus_space_map()    Need explanation of parameters to allow device memory map.

Chances are excellent you don't want to use this one either.

: This is all that I need to get the driver working with the user app.

bus_alloc_resource() is what I think you want to use.


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