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Conetic Software Support FreeBSD 2.05


Editorial Contact: Andres J. Garza CEO

Conetic Software Systems 4GL and Accounting Software Support FreeBSD 2.0.5 
Operating System.

San Antonio, Texas -- September 7, 1995 -- Conetic Software Systems, Inc., 
a developer of database development tools and accounting software for Unix-, 
DOS-,and Windows-based computers, has announced support for FreeBSD Operating 
System. The Conetic product line consists of C/BASE,    a 4GL application 
development system, and C/BOOKS,  a set of nine integrated accounting modules 
that range from general ledger to job costing.

According to Andres Garza, Chief Executive Officer of Conetic Software,  the 
Conetic product line offers FreeBSD users the ability to transcend computer 
hardware and operating system boundaries.  

"Given the wild fluctuation of the computer industry, it's comforting to know 
that system managers can maintain software investments across a wide variety 
of platforms.  We can do this by maintaining compatible data structure 
alignment across all C/BASE 4GL Version 3.8 platforms.  This allows applications
and data to be moved/copied to any other support platform  --and run without 
recoding or time consuming data conversions."   

"So if one of our users has an application created under MS-DOS,  he could 
easily move it to FreeBSD or any other support platform. " Garza said.  
"Imagine:  Just copy your application which you created in a Unix 
character-based terminal to a PC running MS-Windows and see it run in 


The powerful authoring tool C/BASE 4GL has been  the foundation for all of the
Conetic products since 1979.  Today this tool and database engine has thousands
of installations around the world.  The software centers on a visually driven 
menu interface for the novice users and a feature packed script language for 
the expert users.  Unlike other 4GL's, C/BASE 4GL offers an extremely low 
learning curve for new users.


C/BOOKS includes nine integrated accounting modules that include general ledger,
accounts receivable, accounts payable, fixed assets, payroll, order entry, 
inventory, purchase orders and  job costing.  All of the modules can be 
customized to accommodate changing financial requirements and regulations.  
In addition,  new applications can be interfaced directly into any of these 
existing accounting modules.  C/BOOKS modules include "C/BASE 4GL source 
code",  allowing users to enhance data-file structure, data entry screens, 
reports and menus.

One of the many unique features C/BOOKS offers is "real-time posting" -- 
on-line instant updates.  With C/BOOKS there is no need for time-consuming 
batch postings.  "This is an exceptional feature when you consider the cost of 
user downtime due to batch postings," Garza said.  "C/BOOKS offers todays
multi-user organizations, the real-time performance they desire." 


Strong Unix integration has long been recognized as an outstanding asset by 
Conetic users.  Today's INTERNET user will quickly come to appreciate this 
powerful, fundamental building block.    C/BASE 4GL standard distribution 
comes ready to run as a World-Wide-Web database server.  C/BASE 4GL commands 
can be used inside a CGI "perl" or "shell" script command for data extraction, 
input and update.  In addition,  C/BASE 4GL reports can also be used to create 
dynamic HTML forms with virtual hypertext links.   Be sure to look for
Conetic's World-Wide-Web database server  at "http://www.conetic.com";.   


Conetic's flexible licensing policy for C/BASE and C/BOOKS allow customers to
pay only for what they use.  All Conetic standard modules are licensed by the 
total number of concurrent users,  regardless of computer hardware platforms.
"Most software vendors license their modules by hardware platform class," 
Garza said.  "This is truly an archaic method for licensing software.  In 
June of 1990 Conetic Software adopted a new  "concurrent number of user" 
pricing policy.  This new pricing policy can be best compared to purchasing 
gasoline for your car.  Where the car is equivalent to your hardware platform 
and one gallon of gasoline is equivalent to one concurrent user.  When 
purchasing 10 gallons of gasoline for a Mercedes or for Hyundai do you pay a 
different price?  Should you pay a different price?   No,  10 gallons of 
gasoline is the same price regardless how much you paid for your car.   A 4 
concurrent user license is the same price for a $3,000 or $100,000 hardware 
platforms. "	


For a limited time Conetic Software is offering a evaluation DEMO DEVELOPMENT 
KIT for FreeBSD 2.0.5.  This evaluation set includes C/BASE 4GL development 
[2 concurrent users],  C/BASE Utilities API [advance development for C 
programmers] and C/BASE International Utilities.  The evaluation DEMO KIT is 
restricted to 1000 records per datafile and 2 concurrent users. The DEMO KIT 
is FREE if download via the INTERNET.  For individuals which do not have 
access to the INTERNET,  Conetic's will be glad to ship a DEMO KIT UPS Ground 
any where in the U.S.A. for a fee of $25. 

For more information about C/BASE 4GL and or C/BOOKS, including prices,  
contact SALES at:

Conetic Software Systems, Inc.	
1012 Navarro		
San Antonio, Texas  78205-3806	

Voice: (210) 225-5185
Sales: (800) 541-4580
Fax: (210) 271-0844
E-mail: info_(_at_)_conetic

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