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Re: Experiences with RELENG_7

P.U.Kruppa wrote:
On Sun, 28 Oct 2007, Kris Kennaway wrote:

Roland Smith wrote:
On Sun, Oct 28, 2007 at 01:44:21AM +0200, Kris Kennaway wrote:
Roland Smith wrote:
Hovewer, sometimes a program seems to hog the CPU for a couple of
seconds (as seen in top(1))
Can you please explain (with supporting paste of command output) what you mean by this?

I'll save some top output next time. But what happened was this; all of
a sudden the mouse pointer started moving erratically, and the music
playing in audacious started skipping. All other X programs started
responding erratically as well. It looked like the X server wasn't
getting any CPU time.
I can see that happening during portupgrade on my 7.0-BETA1 FreeBSD 7.0-BETA1 #0: Sat Oct 27 04:15:22 CEST 2007 amd64 UP-machine as well. Situation has been improved by using
SCHED_ULE instead of SCHED_4BSD .

Yes, so this is a different problem again. People have reported this problem with 4BSD, but I don't think it is understood. Just to confirm, since we're discussing ULE here do you see this problem with ULE?

It also happened with cc1 when I was compiling a port. In that case the
situation returned to normal when that particular instance was
finished. That compilation was running in a terminal window that was
iconified at the time.

This may be unrelated. The new version of gcc has higher memory requirements, and it is common for it to access swap during compilation when the system is also busy running other tasks. If you see it happening with cc again, make sure to check this.
My swap space remains untouched, I have got 2 GB of RAM.

Is there - perhaps - some way to tune down gcc's CPU greediness?

That isn't really the right solution :)


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