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Experiences with RELENG_7

On the 25th I bit the bullet and csup-ed my source tree to RELENG_7.

The update of the base system and kernel went relatively well, although
I had to make some small changes to my kernel config. I'm using the
SCHED_ULE scheduler at the moment. My machine is a UP athlon64.

Rebuilding my ports with portmaster didn't really work. Apparently there
ware some mixed-up dependencies. I ended up nuking all ports and
reinstalling them from scratch, which went without problems.

Generally, I'm, pleased with the improvements. Playing music with
Audacious goes much smoother; less hickups than on
6-STABLE. Interactivity generally feels very good.

Hovewer, sometimes a program seems to hog the CPU for a couple of
seconds (as seen in top(1)), and interactivity suffers
tremendously. Could this be the scheduler getting mixed up? This happened
two times with graphics/telak, which I use to put update some graphs on
my desktop every minute. In both cases I killed the program. But it also
happened one time with cc1 during compilation of a program.

Would it be worthwhile to play with kern.sched.interact or
kern.sched.slice in this case? Or should I re-csup?

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