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Re: SATA RAID: 3ware vs. Promise

Ireneusz Pluta wrote:
Hello group,

I am completing a box for PostgreSQL server on FreeBSD. Selecting a RAID controller I decided to go with 3ware SE9650-16, following good opinions about 3ware controllers found on FreeBSD and PostgreSQL groups.

However my dealer suggest me to not to go with 3ware, and take Promise SuperTrak EX16350, instead. This suggestion does not have any technical background and it comes generally from the fact of limited availability of 16x 3ware controllers on the local market and immediate availability of Promise.

Is this technically a good idea to take Promise instead of 3ware or rather I definitely should insist on 3ware and wait for it?

Thank you

Ireneusz Pluta

I've heard good things about Arcea... Promise is supposed to work very well, when it works. If they won't garuntee compatibility, I'd insist on the 3ware, or look into Arcea.

--- Harrison Grundy
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