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Re: SMP system not running SMP

In message <E1FvjxS-000BxU-Mx_(_at_)_dilbert_(_dot_)_firstcallgroup_(_dot_)_co_(_dot_)_uk>, Pete French writes
>It's not Adaptec specific though - I get the same problem with a 
>Compaq 5304 SMART RAID. Something about the way these cars do
>interrupts ?

Might be.  When I boot this machine under FreeBSD, I do get odd messages
(I think they were in that dmesg) about the SCSI controller's interrupt

Data point:  NetBSD is running in 64-bit mode, SMP, without configuring
ACPI at all.  I assume they just talked to the APIC the old-fashioned way
or something.

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