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openoffice support and other ports

Hi folks,

AMD64 support by the most popular and useful ports for a desktop
environment are in great shape.  I now can natively:

1) Use all the GNOME environment with few problems.  This has been
working a long time.

2) Use Java 1.5 with eclipse without issue.  This has been around for a
few months.

3) Use OpenOffice.  So far, I've edited a few MS Word and a PowerPoint
presentation with great success.  This is very recent.  Only a couple of
days since this has worked.  Great job!

The only thing missing that would cap it all off is a Java plug-in to
the web browser.

There are occasional crashes with some applications like evolution (only
on exit) and Liferea, but overall everything has been rock solid and
extremely usable.


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