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Re: SMP system not running SMP

> Yes, I am booting off the built-in Adaptec controller.  I will put in an IDE
> drive, turn off the Adaptec, and see whether that matters.

I would be interested to know if that helps. I out in an IDE drive, but did
not take out the SCSi drive, and did manage to get a booting kernel, but it
does not recognise the 2nd processor. Other people have reported the board
as working, but with no SCSI controller. Also, when the system hngs at boot,
it does so at the point where it waits for SCSI devices to settle - it's been
suggested by a number of people that the problem there is lost interrupts,
and that whatever I do to fix this (i.e. disable ACPI) then stops the SMP
form working.

When you do that, try re-enabling ACPI at the same time, as I think you are
always suppossed to have it enabled for an amd64 platform.


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