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Re: More about the 9500S-4 issues with the MoBo and FreeBSD...

| I'm waiting to see how things play out w/a DOA server before I buy/
| recommend Tyan (other than this I have several w/no problems).  Using
| an SLI based gaming board for a webserver was, IMHO, not the best use
| of logic regardless of preferred supplier issues.  I am curious as to
| why they didn't opt for a dual Opteron for semi high-end database use.
| A dual core Athalon isn't going to come close.  Not to mention that the
| Asus board doesn't use ECC Registered memory.  Standardizing workstation
| and server stuff on same hw platform is bad planning.  Unless, of
| course, one is expecting the venture to fail and hopes to redeploy that
| Asus board and dual core Athalon in their new high end gaming system...

LOL - just tell us how you really feel Ken :-)



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