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Re: Hardware RAID support? Which controller best to use?

Hi all,

Well, the plot thickens and I have another follow-up question after all...

I relayed the information I gathered from you all, and the person in charge indicated that he couldn't get the 9500S-4 directly from their normal supplier.

They are somewhat pressed for installing the machine very soon, so he asked me if I knew if the Adaptec 2410SA would also work well...

The details of this adapter can be found at:

Surprise, surprise, once again FreeBSD is not mentioned on the list of supported OSes (do people even realise it exists? :( ).

Has anyone tried this particular RAID controller, or a different Adaptec SATA one?

I myself use Adaptec SCSI RAID controllers (the 2100S and the 2200S), and they are both supported in the generic kernel, but then, that's SCSI...

Thanks again; if this adapter isn't any good with FreeBSD amd64 I'll tell them, and will urge them to do their best to find a 9500S (in fact: I'll already make sure to tell him that the list concensus is that the 9500S is preferrable).


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