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Package management within linux_base-debian

Hi Trevor

Am trying to get a linux development environment going on a FreeBSD 5.3
amd64 server. Wanting to keep it simple and well-managed i.e. as close to
ports idea as possible.  Gentoo (with portage) was ideal but is apparently

Starting Terminal in /usr/ports/emulators/linux_base-gentoo-stage1...
bash-2.05b# make
===>  linux_base-gentoo-stage1-2004.3 is marked as broken: Incorrect

My question is - is it safe to use apt-get, dpkg and dselect with the debian
port?  What I mean is, does it _automatically_ know to install things in the
right place (e.g. /compat/linux/usr/bin *NOT* /usr/bin)?  A related question
is; will those package management programs know to look for their various
databases with /compat/linux/ acting as the root directory?




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