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More than 4 GBytes RAM on Socket939 system?

Dear Sirs.
I'm not a technical thug, so I do not know many about recent chipsets.
I just build up a ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe based AMD64 sytem, socket 939,
AMD 64 3500+ (Winchester), 2 GB ECC RAm for some numerical calculations.

2GByte DDR400 RAM seems to become available within the next few months
and I though about increasing the avaiable memory in my AMD64 box -if 
Socket 939 mainboards do have several benefits compared to Socket 940 boards
(for single chip mahines, not SMP), especially PCIe. So that is the 
reason why I
decided to obtain a Socket 939 machine.

Will it be possible to address more than 4GBytes of RAM with the above 
board (nVidia nForce4-SLI chipset)? The limitations are settled in the 
chip core,
I think. AMD64 processores only address 4 memory slots and can not 
address 128MBit
memory chips, as I found in the net so maximum memroy capacity is 4GB 
with available
1GB modules. But what is about 2GB modules as I mentioned above? Will it 
be possible
to just increase or double the memory? Especially for our scientific 
calculations, which
are hungry of memory, this would be a great benefit ...

Thnaks in advance,

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