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Possible problems with Broadcom BCM5704C 10/100/1000 on Tyan Motherboard

We also have these boards, I've found them unusable under
FreeBSD/5.3-STABLE with 8GB of RAM--other qualities appear to work okay.
But I even saw some infrequent problems with 6GB.

FreeBSD/amd64 is not in my opinion not actually a stable tier 1 quality
release under these configurations, too many problems remain--especially
in regards to ia32 emulation.

Exigencies of the moment forced us to forgo further debugging and adopt
linux/amd64.  (Sadly, some people actually have to get work done on their

To anyone who wants to peg these problems on hardware, running linux these
machines have operated without fault while under a mix of high
computational and i/o load.   moreover, the machines were tested
extensively using memtest+ in a controlled ambient temperature range from
60F to 80F.

This is a really lamentable situation.  We've been a primarily FreeBSD
shop for 10 years now and for the past 4 years or so a pure FreeBSD shop.
Switching to linux on just these machines has been quite the headache but
I'm holding on to the hope that FreeBSD/amd64 will shape up.

FYI, most of the positive reports I've seen regarding FreeBSD and this
motherboard are 2GB setups.  In my own testing that arrangement worked
_very_ well.

Addendum: The RAM timing is a bit marginal on the second processor.  i.e.,
          RAM that runs fine under extensive memtest+ ing has trouble
          doing 400MHz DDR on the Second Processor.  We ended up running
          it at 333MHz DDR


On Mon, 14 Feb 2005, Doug White wrote:

> On Mon, 14 Feb 2005, Alan Jay wrote:
> > I have FreeBSD 5.3 STABLE onto our new twin operteron Tyan Thunder K8S Pro
> > S2882 with 8Gb of RAM and had a reasonably stable operation for a few days we
> > installed a couple of databases one worked fine but the other kept on causing
> > the server to crash.
> I'm about to gain access to an S2881, which is a similar board (different
> layout but same parts).
> > I have searched the archive and there were issues last year but I couldn't
> > work out if these have been totally resolved?
> >
> > The adapter does work fine in low levels of loading but when pushed (it is
> > connected to a Gigabit switch) it seems to be the cause of the reboot - a what
> > appeared to be stable server with moderate Ethernet activity was fine upping
> > the activity with a new service caused regular reboots.
> >
> > There is no console message at the point of reboot to help that we have
> > spotted.
> Hm, triple fault or other hardware reset. This usually indicates bad
> hardware.  Have you tried swapping the RAM between the systems and seeing
> if the problem follows?  An unrecoverable ECC fault can cause a reboot,
> along with strangeness caused  by temperature/power supply/etc.  Or the
> board could be Just Plain Bad.
> Considering you have one working machine, adn this is a very popular
> board, I don't think it s abasic problem with FreeBSD and this hardware.
> The worst thing reported is interrupt routing usually.
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