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amd64/76973: BTX Halted

This is my system:
Case        Enlight EN4102 300 Watt
Floppy      Samsung Floppydrive 3,5"
Memory    256MB PC3200 DDR
Processor AMD Sempron 2800+ FSB 333
Mainboard AS K7S41GX DDr mainboard met AC97 Audio
Cooler      Coolermaster
USB         6x USB 2.0 + 2x USB Front
LAN         10/100 MB On-Board
Graphics   64MB 2D/3D VGA card Real Graphics on=board
DVD/CD   BEnQ 16x DVD Burner +/_ Double layer
HDD        Maxtor 120GB/7200RPM ATA-133
Mouse     Logitech Wheelmouse
Keyboard PS/2 Keyboard
USB Stick Sweex 64MB 

FreeBSD-gnats-submit_(_at_)_FreeBSD_(_dot_)_org wrote:
Thank you very much for your problem report.
It has the internal identification `amd64/76973'.
The individual assigned to look at your
report is: freebsd-amd64. 

You can access the state of your problem report at any time
via this link:


>Category: amd64
>Responsible: freebsd-amd64
>Synopsis: BTX Halted
>Arrival-Date: Tue Feb 01 17:50:23 GMT 2005

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