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acroread on the amd64

I noticed that acroread is marked as being only for the i386 ... I have a
question about that ... I'm a little new at running the amd64, but I
thought that it was compatible (if it had the 32 bit libraries installed
to support it) with i386, so I would have expected my amd64 machine to be
ablel to run acroread with little trouble.  The port being marked
as"ONLY_FOR_ARCHS", well, I considered, *possibly*, that the port author
hadn't had the testing capability, and maybe it did too work on the amd64.

Anyone have more detailed info about that?  Notice, I didn't mail to
freeBSD-ports, I don't know how strict our mailing list filters are, I
thought they'd probably kick me out if I tried to cross-post.

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